Hayley graduated from Altura College in March 2018. She has been with Healing Hands since June of 2018. She is passionate about helping her clients receive the best personalized massage to meet their needs. 

Hayley understands everyone is different and that is why every session is tailored to each client. From deep tissue, to relaxation, there are many options available!

Hayley is skilled in a technique called Gua-sha. This technique allows for better circulation, reduced inflammation, and promotes healing of the tissue.

As mom of three, Hayley is also passionate about pre-natal massage. Having received massage during pregnancy herself, she can vouch for how helpful and relaxing it was during those long nine months. She is able to accommodate for a growing belly, and loves to help mothers achieve comfort during a time when the body is working overtime!

Licensed Massage Therapist:

Washington State |MA60855384

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